Are you moving forward or falling backwards?

Think of a recent time in your life when things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to?  Did a client recently say no to a program?  Did you not receive the revenue you desired in January?  Did you have an argument with your spouse or children (see birthday story above…)

Think about the way you reacted, more then the way you reacted physically, the way you reacted EMOTIONALLY.

How did you treat yourself in the moment?  After the moment? Were you critical, judgmental, and relentless?  This is the way many of us are taught to react. The women I work with are here on purpose and they have big gifts to share with the world.  One of the common fears is “how do I keep moving forward, when I feel like I am taking a step backwards?”


 The only time we move backwards is when we stop asking that question and fear were not moving forward fast enough.  Next time things don’t turn out the way you hoped ask yourself how you are growing in the moment?  What is here for you?


1.) IDENTIFY this week something important to you; maybe it is a result you want with a client, a new program, a revenue goal, a shift in a relationship.

2.) COMMIT to the growth potential NO MATTER WHAT

3.) See how you react. ASK the question “HOW AM I GROWING IN THIS MOMENT?”

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One Response to Are you moving forward or falling backwards?

  1. Tara - you make a great point! This is so true that you are either moving ahead or NOT. Excellent reminder. As a dating coach for women over 40, this is a wonderful method to share with my clients to help them move through dating disappointment. Where is the growth for you in this situation? What have you learned from this experience? And one of my favorites - what don't you ever want to do again? So glad I found your blog :-)

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