Behind the Scenes in Paris

I’m here from my new apartment in Paris. I want to welcome you to Paris and give you a look from behind the scenes of what it’s really been like. I’ll be the first to let you know there’s a lot coming up right now.

As women, so many times we just see the end result. After the transition when everything looks nice and in place. You see the before and after, but not the in between when you’re in the thick of it.

But what we need more than ever is the opportunity to see what it’s like along the way. That’s why today I’m going to share with you the nitty gritty.

I am learning more and more about the natural stumbling rocks we trip upon when we’re in the middle of a big transition. The resistance that comes up as we grow. All those things are there to support our growth. But when we’re in the middle, it doesn’t always feel like that along the way.

So I made this video for you to show you the real story.

I’ll be honest. We got here and the boys weren’t registered for school. We didn’t have internet for over a week. We’re still living out of boxes. A lot of emotions have been coming up. Yesterday, I was crying when I dropped my kids off for school wondering if I’d made the right decision.

It’s all new. It’s all real. We’re all learning how to be in the experience of our journey.

I want to hear from you. What’s going on with your transition from summer to fall, back to work and back to school? This is the nitty gritty. Share with me in the comments below.



PS: Stay tuned. I’m going to be sharing more about Paris and Paris street-style fashion as we move forward.

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30 Responses to Behind the Scenes in Paris

  1. Pat says:

    Have I told you lately how much I love your videos and all that you do for us Elegant Femmes! Thank you!
    I'm a parent of two high school age teens and we have had an enormous amount of change - our long time principal left the week before school began and there is a new leadership team at our school so that is taking some getting used to for both my kids and us. My son fractured his toe at cross country practice so is in a boot and sees the orthopedic doctor next week. My daughter is in the ensemble cast for the musical and rehearsals have begun along with my volunteer commitment for that. And, I'm trying to decide whether to find a job or start my own business while we're thinking about selling our house! While I'm trying to deal with all this in an elegant way it's true that stuff comes up. I've had tears, anger, sadness and joy this week so a real roller coaster. I'm questioning if all of this can be accomplished and if I have what it takes to start a business and generate income, etc.. So, I hear you and receive what you are saying. Just remembering what my dear, late mother would always say, "This is all temporary - keep your eye on the prize."

  2. I'm so happy to see you back, I've missed you Tara!

    Thank you for sharing about your sweet sons transistion and your new adventrue in an apartment in Paris...I love behind the scenes but it still looks pretty glamorous :-)

    For me I also am experiencing a beautiful transisition as my boys are BOTH in Highschool this year! Last year was Landon's first year and now Liam has joined him..they are both proud and happy about graduating from 'baby school' as they call it LOL and they are loving it!

    Sending love to you and all the elegant femme back to school moms and women and looking forward to your sharing Parisian street style Ooo La La!

    Xxo Shakaya

  3. Paula says:

    Love, love, love YOU and your beautiful family! Look forward to hear about the fashion in Paris and how the new life in Paris unfolds for all of you...and us ;)

    Thank you for your visceral vulnerability as always.
    Much love

  4. Roo says:

    I really appreciate your honest videos and when you share what it is really like to go through transition. So many women entrepreneurs show only the good things. They only present themselves as extremely confident and accomplished and as I move through life I know that is not real. Change is exciting, scary, thrilling, exhausting, uncomfortable, exhilarating and sometimes all those emotions in a five minute time span.
    My oldest daughter is about to begin her second year of college, living in an apartment on her own in a far away city. My youngest is in her first year of middle school and we are dealing with it all. Sometimes it's fun and awesome, sometimes it is overwhelming and a bit nostalgic for when they were younger and we were altogether.
    Keep it coming Tara. I like feeling like I get to spend a little time with you and look forward to seeing what the real Parisians are wearing :)

    • Tara Marino says:

      Roo, I am so with you! Yes it is nice to see the 'finished' product, but what kind of permission does that gift us as women when we re really going through it?;) Kids in college..oh la la! I can still remember when my parents left me in my dorm for the first day...I cried and cried (and grew) Blessings to you

  5. Sheila says:

    Ah, so lovely to see you again, Tara. I look forward to the "behind the scenes" and, as always, appreciate your honesty. Seeing the "street fashion" from Paris will be fun and I will see how to accommodate to the rural high desert life. With September, I am feeling a freedom and expansiveness since my son no longer lives with me and is no longer attending college. The question beckons, how will I choose to expand into this lovely space unfolding before me? Well, using your tools and the grace of my femme types, I am slowing down to feel into what is desired, which translates into more purposeful and fun action. After a lovely summer, I am now re-energized on writing and performing my solo "school of life work." Blessings to you and your family with transition. I am staying tuned. Much love, Sheila

    • Tara Marino says:

      Sheila, I love you and feel you in the air. May the winds that have been calling you guide you to a new level of confidence to source AND experience your next level of truth. Bisous

  6. Love the rawness in this video. I'm so excited that you are allowing us to be part of the journey. There is a lot to be said for seeing the in-between instead of just the finished product. Staring at the finish product and struggling to get there by step two or three causes many not to even start. Seeing the in-between allows reality in. It allows us to see the messiness that occurs before "perfection."

  7. Thank you Tara for always being real and sharing the nitty gritty. It is inspiring for me. Thank you.

  8. Liz says:

    Is it just my iPhone or anyone else in the same situation? Don't recall from when, my iPhone no longer can open the video of Tara's newsletter. It's fine for YouTube or FB.

  9. Jennie HK says:

    I love, love love this video Tara. To hear the reality is always a good thing - we are on the brink of a decision to move from the UK to Chamonix for a couple of years and all these questions are coming up for me too - is it the right thing for the kids, can I handle the chaos that will inevitably be there at the beginning, will we find them a decent school, will they learn the language quickly enough to settle etc etc

    And although you know that yes it will all sort itself out there they are real fears and challenges that come up nonetheless and you do have to deal with them.

    So thank you for being so REAL, you inspire me no end when it comes to making decisions like this!

    So much love

    Jennie HK x

  10. Elyse says:

    Hi Tara,
    Beautiful video, thank you as always for the opportunity to respond.
    What is going on for me as a mom is: my son will be 12 this year and is growing from a kid into being an adolescent. In 7th grade now, he will probably want to take the train home by himself at some point this year and I will no longer being picking him up. I felt a lot of sadness this summer knowing this is probably the last one he would really want to spend hanging out with me. At the same time I see how beautifully his mind works as he is able to look at everything in his life from a new, more grown up perspective. I have found that being a mother has really allowed me to taste and fully understand the meaning of bittersweet. I look forward to hearing more as you develop the concepts of parenting as an Elegant Femme.
    All the Best,

  11. Colette says:

    I really love what you said about the process of transitions. Often we do only see, before and after. The middle IS a very interesting place to be.
    (As a muralist, it's sort of the the same thing with the art process... first the sketch, then things can look kind of ugly in the middle....Then all the layers of design, energy and paint almost magically come together with the final round of details.)
    Oh that learning curve ... that transition....
    So worth it when we get to the other side of our opportunity...wherever it leads us!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Cherith says:

    Thank you for including us even during the uneven parts of life (which are also so REAL). For some reason, the book -- Paris to the Moon -- keeps coming to mind when I see your videos now. I loved it! And as for what's going on here 6 year old to a new school as well. This one was assigned to him so that he can be in classes that suit his needs since he has been considered to be on "The Spectrum". I cried a good one when I dropped him off the first day 2 weeks ago. It was like admitting that he needed the help. But he seems to be loving it, and is adjusting very well. And for me, I started with my first health coaching client, am open to receiving another (soon I think), and am painting weekly again, with more in the pipeline. More importantly, I have been moving through the fear of prosperity you spoke to me about in new ways, and I can say some key things are opening for me. Haven't posted on the FB group site in a while, but I'm sure I'll come back around in it again soon. Makes me feel a huge respect for you to PROCESS your "stuff" before our eyes! Really excited to hear what's coming up for you 1 year later in "your" city! Love, Light and Wonder...

    • Tara Marino says:

      Cherith, you need to know what an incredible creative and loving mother you are, I cherish what you sent to me and have your art work in my new office. It is inspiring and touching.

  13. Lisa says:

    Hi Tara!
    I am so excited and happy that I have found you and Elegant Femme! The transition this fall has gone smoothly however I did start a new relationship with a man who was my very first boyfriend in high school. It is now 29 years later. Long distance relationships are very challenging for me so I am looking to move with my son back to WI at the end of the school year - although as time passes I am wondering if I need to move it up. Ahhh, chaos! Got to love it! Time will tell I am sure, what I am going to do. Thank you for your videos - I am enjoying all of them!!

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