Finding Comfort In The Uncomfortable

We all want to be comfortable… or do we?  Comfortable can be over-rated, especially when you are committed to becoming more of WHO you are truly meant to be. As a woman, you are ready for so much more than just being comfortable.

The truth is: You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. To really grow and expand, you have to be able to find comfort in the uncomfortable places. You have to be willing to make room inside yourself for those uncomfortable places.

When you make room for discomfort, you are right on your growing edge. It’s at that edge that we can really expand into ourselves more fully.  This may mean making yourself more vulnerable and open in a relationship. This may be changing something in your business so it will grow.  However, it does not mean doing the same thing, over and over, in a way that makes you feel secure and comfortable all the time.

It is said that everything you really, really desire is just outside of your comfort zone. It requires taking a risk, to be willing to stretch yourself. When we allow ourselves to expand in new situations we increase our capacity for the unknown, which prepares us for amazing things to come into our lives.

I know people who want to stay in their home-towns, doing the same things with the same people, and resist the idea of any unknown situations. However, when we do this we actually block ourselves from receiving what is really out there for us, including unlimited amounts of prosperity.

If you are truly desiring success as a woman you require to get out of your comfort zone and step into a new place of growth.

Growing requires us to try new things and to get uncomfortable.  At Elegant Femme we invite you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Complete the below exercise and s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond your comfort into the possibilities of the unknown.

Here is an exercise for your Femmes:

Answer the following (this may seem simple… trust me it will open you up to a new place)

List 5 things you have always wanted to do/try but have not yet attempted


Circle the one that makes you the most uncomfortable.

Which one of your FemmeTypes is desiring this new change? _______________

What would it feel like to actually DO that 1 new thing? ______________________

What are you ready to experience? __________________

I invite you to step OUT of your comfort zone and INTO the prosperity, pleasure, and true balance that is waiting for you.

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One Response to Finding Comfort In The Uncomfortable

  1. Carrie Dale says:

    I love this post! It really got me thinking and I found myself feeling a bit triggered by it as well.
    What triggered me about it is that it bumped up against my belief that we should just do things that feel good and right to us-then we are in alignment.
    Why consciously make yourself uncomfortable? Does is have to be a necessary part of growth? Isn't that kind of the no pain, no gain mentality?
    What I realized is that staying in that space of always being comfortable and keeping everything safe and known, does NOTalways feel good and right. It starts to feel stagnant and boring.
    I guess it is a fine line between doing the uncomfortable because there is an awareness that it has the potential for growth and doing the uncomfortable without that incentive.

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