How to Set a Goal The Feminine Way

Learn how to set a goal in a feminine way and why setting a goal is different for us women.  In this video you’ll discover why setting goals may be the wrong way for us to begin in the first place.

One of the women in The Power of Sensuality program recently asked me this question.

“What is the difference between a goal and an intention?”

I feel it is so important for us as women to understand the difference between an intention and a goal.   And perhaps MOST importantly how to set a goal (or intention;) correctly so you receive the desired results you are seeking as a women (with ease and grace)

Seriously what would that be like?  If you are like me you have had some confusion around how to do this and even some frustration feeling “Well, why bother it doesn’t work”

I created this video for you to show you how effective this can be and the true difference
so you as a woman can start creating and RECEIVING in a way that is true to you
WITHOUT the fear of failing.

FemmeType Insight: This video is for your Indie,
allow her to enjoy your summer now and stop worrying about fall.


Your New Yorker loves to be strategic and with this understanding she
knows exactly where to focus her energy.

Your Frenchie is about enjoying when your energy is directed in the right
direction it gives her the ability to relax and enjoy without the GUILT.

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16 Responses to How to Set a Goal The Feminine Way

  1. Thank you Tara : ) Great reminder!! xx Remembering that an intention causes you to look at the way you get to the end result rather than just focusing on the end result. Love the journey bit : ) xx

  2. Victoria says:

    Tara- I just love all of your messages and I actually feel lighter just seeing your email in my inbox. You are so inspiring! Keep up the good work :)

  3. Darcy Plunkett says:

    GREAT reminder, Tara. I JUST had this experience on a very personal level. I was determined to drop 15 lbs that I've been carrying. I had the GOAL, and I did something extreme to get there. Well, I got there, stayed for a minute, and proceeded to gain every lb back! That certainly allowed myself to punish and beat myself up for 'failing.' I NOW set my intention to easily, effortlessly and with total enjoyment step INTO the body I desire (my Frenchie desires!!) and receive it with ease and grace. I took a beautiful, sweaty walk this morning, and have been eating much more beautifully and with intention all day. So thanks for this beautiful reminder!!

  4. Lulu says:

    Ohhh, do I love Tara's explanation of the difference between an intention and a goal. Great Q. Jan!!
    I love the thought of winning either way with an intention. This will remove my fear of failure (or success) of reaching a "goal". Hey that's one of those four-letter words anyway -ha. Time to replace it within my elegant femme vocabulary.

    Like the saying goes, "enjoy the ride", -er journey.
    Be, Do, Enjoy!

  5. Christina says:

    Hi Tara,

    This was so valuable and it really, really clarified the difference. This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately and you gave me a new perspective. Thank you! :)


  6. Thank you Tara! I'm looking forward to the journey and discovering the wonders along the way "-)

  7. Kate says:

    Thank you! Tara, that really sounds great and very nice for the woman's nature. Now it's much more clear!

  8. Veronika says:

    Well done, Tara. I am just wondering, how can you tell that what has happened in reality was actually better than the original intention.
    ("This or something better.")

  9. Beth says:

    Thank you Tara. Setting goals never really resonated for me. They always felt like this heavy burdensome dread and now I know why. It wasn't "inclusive" to enjoying the journey.

  10. Kathy says:

    I love this because it allows both a journey and a destination. It feels more fulfilling and honest than just making it all about the journey....

  11. Thuleleni Mzamane says:

    Thank you so much Tara! This is great! I am now enjoying my Intention with ease and confidence!!

  12. Cherith says:

    Lovely! I really like this distinction, and it will give me pause next time I set a goal, now intention - which is, well, all of the time. Thank you!

  13. Joan Roulac says:

    oh thank you Tara...again!
    I have never ever thought of the words gorgeous and goal as being sister partners:)...appreciating the shifting thoughts and vocabulary as I say/conjure beautiful intention, gorgeous goal...just in this re-frame alone I am already experiencing more freedom, ease & grace! Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully with us...forever grateful, Joan

  14. This was a gorgeous video Tara! Thank you for sharing. I love that the intention allows the space for us to fully embrace and enjoy the journey. I feel my body relax and breathe when I remember to focus on the experience and release the outcome.

  15. Audra says:

    Thanks for this video Tara. Whenever I have tried to set goals in the past I immediately think that I either won't meet them or have been really disappointed when I haven't. Looking at it from a feminine perspective, I don't feel pressure and feel allowed not to achieve it as I will receive something anyway, be it actually getting what I desire or more experience from the journey. Thank you for this insight.

  16. I love how you come so alive when you share this with us Tara, especially when you get into choosing how you want to achieve your desires, whatever they may be. Ultimately, if we enjoy the journey then that is the result we want, right? How beautiful! How gorgeous! How elegant, and gracious.

    Today I shared your video with a Facebook girlfriend who posted about setting goals, personal and professional. So grateful to have heard this message. Thank you!

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