How To Speak Your Truth

I am joining you from Arizona. I just got back from the salon and in a moment I’ll share with you what happened while I was there. (You don’t want to miss this.) I got the opportunity to share my truth.

As women, learning how to share our truth is so important.

Our beauty equals our truth as women. Sharing your truth gives you permission to feel and interact from a space of real beauty.

But we don’t always do this. You know when you’re not speaking your truth. Sometimes you’ll talk yourself out of why it’s not that important or why it’s not that big of a deal.

It is important.

I want you to know something: It’s NEVER too late to really share your truth. I want to teach you how to share your truth in a way that is really freeing for you.

Whether you choose to share your truth in the moment, or whether you choose to share your truth later, you want to understand what your truth really is as a woman. Here are the 3 steps you need to speak your truth.

1) Get clear on your truth.

2) Why are you sharing your truth? What is it that you would really like to see happen?

3) Detach from the external result. Don’t get hung up on the way they will respond. Let whatever happens be OK. You sharing your truth is for YOU regardless of how anybody else reacts.

In this video I’ll share with you a real experience – LIVE – as I speak my truth with somebody. I’ll take you through the process of what it looks like to detach from the results and share your truth. Give yourself permission to open up and share your truth. You are going to feel so good when you do so.

What does it feel like when you really share your truth? I look forward to your comments below.

FemmeType Insights:

This video is for your Indie: She will love how this makes you more aligned with your truth as a woman.

Your Frenchie will feel so much better, she loves it when you take care of yourself. Your truth equals your beauty and your Frenchie loves to feel beautiful.

Your New Yorker will be energized when you share your truth… This allows you to move more easily through your process, ask for what you want and bring strategy to a whole new level.


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8 Responses to How To Speak Your Truth

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh, Tara! I love this video and I know exactly how you feel! In fact, about an hour before watching this I had an uncanny experience with an insurance representative. And, you know what, I called back, too, just so I could continue to flow through my day because otherwise I would have felt bogged down. Thank you for sharing. Much love, beautiful!

  2. Sarah says:

    You are brave to make the call on the video.This topic is so important and I am living it as week speak.I moved in to share a home with a old friend and interestingly while I have been here shes been unaccepting of me and thats a deal breaker for me.So I have spoken and just gently made the comment but to be honest. I leave today as it is not the environment I want to put myself in anymore.
    Also, I didn't get any connection between speaking truth and my thank you for the video.I am going to go back and watch it again.
    Oh, and your hair looks gorgeous..
    Many thanks

  3. Daali says:

    Perfect timing to receive this message (of course!). I've had an incredibly successful pregnancy over the last 9 month. No morning sickness, nausea, mood swings, my energy levels have been great, etc. I'm 10 days past my due date and everyone around me seems to be freaking out (other than myself, my partner and our midwife). I'm getting opinions and advice about inducing labor left and right- none of which I agree with. I've noticed myself shutting down and trying to change the conversation, but I'm never left feeling good about the interaction. I just took the opportunity to speak my truth and it felt so good! Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Laura says:

    Wow! Thanks for another fabulous video that hits me on multiple levels. I have a love/hate relationship with speaking my truth. I generally allow myself to feel bitchy if I speak it or meek, mild and defeated if I don't with no middle ground. It was tremendously helpful listening to you actually speak your truth rather than just explain the steps to us. I could feel your joy and excitement for honoring yourself and I felt those emotions right along with you. I didn't walk away feeling like this would be easy for me but deeply gratifying, yes. Thank you, Tara, and it was great getting to hear Dave's voice as well! ; )

  5. Wonderful point in this video Tara. I really resonate with this because at the beginning of the year I promised myself that I would be speaking my truth no matter what. I remember 7 years ago when I first came to the states, I went to a spa for a waxing service. I had done that many many times in Europe but this one experience was the most painful and unprofessional experience I had ever had in my life. Yet, I sat through a full hour of excruciating pain without saying a word... I paid and I left. I never went back... But that was the first time I got to realize how much blockage I had inside of me to speaking my truth. I was just amazed... and couldn't believe I had allowed myself to go through that. I've been in relationships where I haven't spoken my truth so I don't hurt someone else's feelings and ego. I had prevented myself from healing and sharing what I needed to share so I can heal, but didn't because the judgement of the person next to me. And so I made a commitment to myself that I will always be true to myself first and foremost in any relationship, and that if I feel uncomfortable in sharing my truth and feel judgement and restrictions to my ability to do that, then that's not the right relationship and I should not be a part of it.

    Btw, just most recently I sent some pages to be printed in Fedex. When I went to pick them up I got charged something like close to $20 for a few pages. I felt the exact same way as you described when you heard your bill. I was expecting a dollar or two not $20. I shared that with the person, and he said... oh it's color. You hadn't specified you wanted black and white. I decided to pay... and as I walked out for a couple of blocks, I just felt that this was not right. So I decided to go back. I shared that I hadn't specified that I wanted it color, and that I assumed it would be black and white, so would much rather be charged $1 for 10 pages than $20. It felt so much better to speak my truth. They had no problem with that, and it was just up to me, to speak up and claim the experience that I was going for.

  6. Eileen ONeill says:

    The timing of this topic couldn't be more on spot for me. Let me explain why; Yesterday I returned some unused cosmetics to Nordstrom. The sales person questioned my reason and I explained that shortly after making the purchase I made a pledge to only use cruelty-free products. This decision was made to align with my vegan eating habits (not sure why I felt the need to explain this aspect to her). She told me I was incorrect about the company, but she wouldn't argue with me because i was the customer & the customer is always right. Her attitude and tone of voice was very patronizing. In closing I assured her I have done my research & this wasn't about right vs. wrong, it was about being educated & my lifestyle choice.
    After the transaction was completed I felt very frustrated & belittled. I took my concerns to the store manager who listened & apologized for her actions. I asked for my intention which was for him to address her poor customer service skills with her, which he assured me he would do.
    However, after speaking my truth, I still don't feel satisfied & haven't been able to let it go. Grrr - This shows me I need to work on how to "let go".

  7. Carrie Dale says:

    Hi Tara
    This really struck me because I actually had a similar experience regarding the pricing for your Indie Layers program, but didn't speak up about it. I am saying this all with love and from a place of truth, so I hope it comes through that way!
    I really wanted to join the program, filled out the application, was accepted and then realized that your spa day for the Indie program conflicted with a trip I have to Europe November 5th.
    I wrote in asking if we could work something out with the price of the program since I would be unable to attend to spa day in Santa Monica and the response I got was that there would be no special pricing or adjustments made for those who could not attend....and that the spa day was only a "bonus" to the program anyway.
    So basically I needed to pay full price for the program, but miss out on the spa day...which in the sales letter was valued at around $3000-nearly half of the value of the program.
    To me, that just did not feel honoring or fair and actually kind of left me feeling a bit disconnected. I didn't speak up and have just kind of drifted away, feeling there was maybe just not an energetic match here for me.
    I was also told that "the 9 week program for the Indie Layers is an incredible value alone, and we would love for you to step into this experience." I agree with this, but the disconnect for me is that when monetary value is placed on something ( the 9 week session and the spa day were about equal value in the sales letter) I personally would not feel I was getting the value from the entire program as those who were able to attend the spa day...while still having to pay the same price. Its like only getting a facial when you paid for the spa combo pack, in my honest opinion.
    We all need to feel that we are getting value from what we are spending our money on, whether its a salon treatment, a coaching program, or whatever.
    I didn't respond or speak my truth about it and maybe there would have been a different result if I had.
    Thanks for posting this and reminding me to speak my truth, even if it feels uncomfortable.

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