How To Stop Complaining

This is simple technique teaches you how to stop complaining.  You can start implementing it today and remove complaining energy from your life.

It happens to all of us. We are talking with friends, our spouse, our kids, co-workers and then for some reason we consciously or unconsciously start complaining.  The truth is no one enjoys being around a complainer.  It’s a drain on energy.  So if you’ve ever thought “How do I stop complaining?” then this video is for you.

In it I discuss a positive thinking technique that quickly helps you stop complaining.  The best part is it is fun. And you can have your spouse or friends join in and stop complaining together:)  Imagine what it would be like if all of the important people in your life stopped complaining.  Ahhhh… Heaven!

Enjoy this fun technique on how to stop complaining. Let me know what you come up with and how you are going to use it.

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16 Responses to How To Stop Complaining

  1. Rose Cole says:

    I love this one Tara! This is such a great little trick that totally works. My husband and I have a very similar one that we use. ~Rose

  2. Marci says:

    Thanks for the Gazpacho, Tara. Just the right recipe at the right time!

  3. Vicki D says:

    I have a couple of what I call Gratitude Rocks. Whenever I catch myself feeling down, or doubtful or complaining, I rub them in my hands to remember just how good I do actually have it.

  4. mg777 says:

    Thanks for the hint, it will defintely help in my life including my husband. We will definitely have fun with this once he get home.


  5. Maria says:

    Beautifully put Tara! I was just thinking about how easily it is to catch myself complaining...even in my head. However, when you do allow yourself to laugh and move past the bitterness of complaining, it lifts the heaviness so quickly. Thank you again!

  6. janine isenberg says:

    this is an awesome idea. im going to be using it for myself. and yes, i am finally getting around to being able to truly realize that laughter is good!!!! and i hadnt thot about relieving tension. i need a new way to say the same words as i would if i complain, hint: i have alot of chronic pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, chronic pain episodes that literally leave me debilitated on my couch. that is mainly i think when i complain, gonna check things out tonight, maybe i complain other times and i dont even know it. i ask allen to do like finish putting in the patio blocks so that we can enjoy our backyard, and so that our grandkids dont trip, or myself.....complain too much, he puts it off, or ignores one grandchild complains alot, he will b very happy to to do this with grandma!!!! yah, complaining sucks, and it does suck the positive energy out of u. so, how do u "implement" laughter into ur day so that maybe it cn become more naturally for me. i think i could use some help here, other positive responses are welcome!!!! Have a great rest of the day!!!!!!

    • CTSheila :-) says:

      Hi! I guess all I can say is that I try to see things with humor rather than let myself push it down, which downer is easy because I deal with depression. The addition of humor is another facet that doesn't help my almost-non-existent focus, but it sure helps in my attitude and making the day go easier. I also don't get bored because I figure if I'm going to spend time on this 'mortal coil' I may as well enjoy it. So I actually take care of two things with my thought that there's too much to see, to analyze, to figure out, to befriend, to comfort, to appreciate to have that all go to waste. Do you have pretty trees and/or flowers around? Stunning architecture? Beautiful skies/sunsets/sunrises/rainbows? Interesting cloud formations? Aromatic restaurants? Fun kids? Sleek cars? Catchy tunes from a boombox (now ya can't tell me ya didn't get a few laughs from that, or a chuckle or at least a smile...) Besides talking to a youngster who may need companionship, you could maybe do a jig and share the joy with others, as well as get some exercise in along the way... Have a Great Day! ;0P

  7. Marnie smith says:

    What is the point in saying "As a Woman" (said over and over in this video) ... I do like the gazpacho - humor is always good.

  8. elle says:

    Me and my mum when we get together, Actually try to out moan each other I think lol...
    this style of thinking could really help break the cycle of coversation that takes place everyweek.
    I feel that she dosent understand my life unless i tell her all the crap going ons that I have to deal with being a mum/worker/wife/friend..but we go round in circles and get no where every week as all we do is talk at one another with mounds of built tension,stress that has built up.
    i will use the cold soup word if I can remember and watch for her response!! <3 x

  9. Mary says:

    Loved this one, Tara. Recognizing our gazpacho moments takes us out of our "density" thinking and allows us the opportunity to change to a higher vibration. The humor tip is a great tool to use once we are award of our complaining.

  10. Hi Tara... lovely finding you through youtube. Do you remember a movie starring Jerry Lewis called 'The Disorderly Orderly'? Well... there was a lady in that film who was called Mrs Fuzzibee. She had every ailment under the sun and was an extremely tedious woman. Well... my hubby and I have used her name when we've each found ourselves slipping into the 'woe is me' talk. It always brings a smile to our lips. The funny thing is that we've done this for a few years now and I never realised it has been a useful tool to keep our sense of humor. Thanks for the insights on your blog.
    The scenery behind you is absolutely gorgeous! I wasn't sure if it was real til I saw a car drive along a road behind you :)
    Kindest Wishes

  11. Janice Halton says:

    Hello Tara,
    * I have been working on not complaining for the last several weeks, and it is amazing how we are thinking on the same wave length.
    * First, when I catch myself complaining, I say, "I did it again."
    * Second, I embrace the compliant.
    * Third, I repent and release the compliant.
    * Fourth, I give myself a "Smile."

    P. S. I hope others will benefit from these tips.

    To your success,

  12. rima says:

    Like when U dont know somebody all that much, but u dont want to be rude and they start complaining about their job or something, I really wanted to tell him: "you are complaining a lot and is giving me a headache, please dont complain is so annoying and even abusive!" instead I just disagange and inmediatly took off, I guess I didnt wanted to offend him, but can u give a suggestion as what to do with this kind people? I wont be hanging out with him anymore BUT it didnt felt right to listen to all that complaining before taking off

  13. Jenna says:

    When I hear other people complaining, I quietly whisper to myself "shhhh". It actually winds up making me laugh because of the irony between irritating complaining and the soothing calmness of quietly whispering "shhh". Plus, it's a helpful way to tune the complainer out. Now, I'll have to remember to say "shhh" to myself when I find myself complaining and hopefully it'll make me break the tension! Thanks for pointing out that we complaints release tension. Sometimes, I forget why we complain so often!

  14. Claude Hall says:

    Hi Tara,
    I'm familiar with this technique when it comes to letting your partner know they're dumping their baggage on you but had never thought about it for complaining.
    I dated a guy who used to do this; that said, I think he did it to avoid stuff. Every time we would start to disagree, he'd simply change the subject to something totally irrelevant. For example, he once simply interrupted me and said eclair au chocolat (I lived in Paris at the time) stopped me short and got me laughing because it was so out of left field!
    Thanks! This is a great technique that helps to snap out of many things!

  15. Kathy says:

    This is great! I always love the physiological connections you bring awareness to - relieving tension - genius - leading to and increased capacity for self-compassion and understanding without self-judgement. And... empowers an active solution!

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