3 Keys To Your Evolution

Yes, it’s true. I’m 37 this week!

I want to talk to you about evolution today. What does evolution really mean to us as women?

There’s a huge difference between evolving and achieving. I hear from so many women, “Gosh, why am I not where I want to be yet? Why haven’t I achieved everything I want yet?”

Yes, I’ve been in that space. And I want to share with you: I am DONE with achieving.

I want to invite you into this evolution with me. It’s not about achieving anymore. It’s about evolving. When we shift our energy away from achieving and move into our evolution, we get really clear that we are constantly moving forward. We stop fearing move back.

When this happens, so much can open up for you.

Here are 3 key ways to know that you are evolving and becoming who you are here to become:

1) Your reactions: You start to react differently to situations. Things that used to trigger you may not trigger you as much. The same situation may show up, but you react differently.

2) Opportunities begin to show up in your life. Things you may have always dreamed of open up for the first time. Desires and dreams start to unfold.

3) You start to change your community. You start to change the people you are hanging around. You start to up your vibration. Perhaps old relationships that don’t service you anymore change fall to the side. People around you may become more prosperous, positive and open.

So yes, here is to evolving! This is all part of the process of becoming who we are here to become.

In fact, I love this process so much that we are opening up a brand new Elegant Femme Integration Trois for your Timeless Evolution.

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This is your opportunity as a woman to let go, step into your evolution and become who you are meant to be.

If this is speaking to you, if you are ready to evolve as a woman, I want to see you at EFI 3 on April 26th, 27th and 28th in San Diego. Experience your evolution beside some other amazing women, in a gorgeous, intimate location — you will not believe what what we have in store!

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(My intuition tells me tickets are going to sellout quickly this year I would love to see you in San Diego in April!)

We are going to move deep into your evolution as EFI. I want to ask you: How are you evolving? What has shown up in your life to let you know you are evolving as a woman?

I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below!

FemmeType Insight: This is for your Indie; She is ready to step into your evolution and let go of achieving.

Your New Yorker loves being allowed to evolve rather than achieve.

Your Frenchie is in sync and ready to become who you are here to become.

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Elegant Femme Transcription: 3 Keys to Your Evolution

Happy birthday to me. Hi this is Tara with Elegant Femme, and yes it’s true I’m 37 this week, and I want to talk to you about something really important, and, in fact, it’s something; there is something going on inside of me that I haven’t evolve into yet, because I’m practically feeling a little sorry for myself today; but you know what this is good because I’m evolving,

This is what I want to talk to you about; there is a huge difference for us when it comes to evolving versus achieving. So I speak to a lot of women and one of the things I hear so often is gosh Tara I’m not where I want to be yet, and you know I have done so much personal growth, and I should really be so much further along from where I am, and you know me too; I felt it before too. You know gosh why am I not over there; or she is over there, and why am I not over there with her right?

I tell you what; I’ve learned something over the past 37 years, and I’ve had it. I’m done. I’m totally done with it. I’m absolutely done with achieving, and I really want to invite you to step into this with me because it is not about achieving. It is absolutely about evolving; it’s about evolving. When we shift our focus as women from achieving that next thing, and that next place and that next accolade, and that next whatever, and we start moving towards evolving; how am I evolving as a woman; really what does that mean, and what does that look like. We get really clear that we are constantly moving up, and we stop fearing moving back or getting left behind, and so I want to talk to you about 3 ways to know if you’re evolving, and this is so important because when we get in those moments of feeling sorry for ourselves; when we get into those of feeling a little depressed or a little competitive, or a little bit how come I’m over here and not over there; you know; you know what I mean.

It’s really important to remember what you’re focusing on. Are you focusing on the achieving or are you allowing yourself to really recognize as a woman that you’re evolving; you’re evolving. So the 3 ways that you can know when you’re evolving let me tell you how they show up.

So the first way is if you start to recognize that you’re reacting differently to situations. For an example, say that your husband typically leaves dishes in the sink, and for years and years it’s totally pissed you off. I don’t know anything about this, by the way, and you start evolving; you start growing; you start stepping into new places as a woman, and all of a sudden the dishes in the sink don’t trigger you like they used to. That’s an example right; you’re evolving. So the same situation might show up in your life, but you react differently. That’s one way to know you’re evolving.

What’s another way to know you’re evolving? Opportunities that you’ve only dreamed about start showing up in your life. You’re evolving; you’re starting to move into the woman that can step into those experiences. So if, you’ve had desires; if you’ve had opportunities; if you’ve had things that you’ve been dreaming about, and feeling into for some time and they start showing up; you’re evolving.

A third way to know whether you’re evolving is that you start to change your community; you start to change your structure of influence; you start to change who it is you’re hanging around; you start to, in fact, up your vibration. So you’ll notice that old relationships that didn’t serve you start to slip away. You’ll notice that the people that you choose to surround yourself with are more in line with where it is you’re going. You’ll look around, and you’re wow I’ve really changed my scenery. People around you typically become more prosperous; more positive; more open; more into entrepreneurship; more into I would say making an impact in the world.

Those are the ways; 3 ways that I know you can tell whether you’re evolving as a woman. We’re going to get into this so much deeper as we go forward because it really is something that shifts the dynamic for us as we continue to evolve.

So I want to share that with you today. I want you to really feel into it, and, in fact, I’d love to ask you what are some things that have shown up in your life recently that let you know that you are indeed evolving; love to hear from you.

I’m going to go enjoy the rest of my birthday week, and I want you to leave that comment below. Oh yes, I have to tell you something else. Around this whole evolving theme; why is this so important to me right now, and why am I going into this? We are opening up a brand new Elegant Femme Trois for your timeless evolution because this is big. This is really big, and I want to be sharing with you the three stages of your evolution that are so important.

So we just opened up Elegant Femme Trois which is our live event. It’s going to be held in San Diego, April 26 to 28, and I want you to see that link below because we are in per-registration right now. The tickets are only $397. They are going to be going up, up, up; upwards of thousand dollars. So this is your opportunity to join us. It’s going to be very, very intimate. The tickets are going to sell out. My intuition is telling me they are going to go; they are going to go fast. So if, this is speaking to you and you know you’ ready to evolve as a woman, I want you to see me, and I want to see you at EFI Trois.

So click that link below and check it out. Is there anything else I’m forgetting? Alright; I’ll see you at the EFI Trois and let me know how it is that you know that you’ve been evolving.

[end of transcript]

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18 Responses to 3 Keys To Your Evolution

  1. Kathie says:

    This is so timely! I have noticed in particular my reaction to situations that might have been very stressful for me in the past, causing me to overreact in response, have shifted recently. I am able to be still, allow myself to reflect, and respond with calm. This is especially useful when the other person was actually hoping to trigger you, and what a surprised look they get on their face. At the same time a work opportunity that I have been working on for 5 months now has re-presented itself and I am very excited that I will be going forward in this new avenue. Thank you for sharing Tara!

  2. I like the diference you make between evolving and achieving as an English woman living and working in France for many years now with my own company I would be interested in meeting you.
    Lesley Lilley

  3. christine says:

    I don't agree with changing people. I can only change myself - its not appropriate to try and change other people.
    I can give them information etc but its their choice to make their own choices and decisions and I can't make other people change because that's inappropriate and unacceptable behavior on my part.

    I have changed and grown or evolved if that's what you would like to call it and thank God I'm not the same person I used to be. I'm a much better and wiser person than I used to be.

  4. Patricia Mastrovito says:

    Hi Tara! This really came at a pivotal point for me. I have been listening to a lot of high vibration programs lately and following beautiful, inspiring women such as yourself for over a year now. I have noticed that a relationship that I have been clinging onto for years has now ended. As soon as it ended, I got a raise and I have another opportunity on the horizon for bringing in some extra $. In addition, I found myself deleting a lot of old friends from Facebook that represented a lower vibration. It feels amazing now to login to facebook and read comments and postings from high vibrational friends that are trying to take their lives to the next level:) Thank you as always for your beautiful videos and posts!

  5. Roo Mulligan says:

    Hi Tara,
    I loved this video! Happy Birthday by the way :) I so needed to hear and understand this distinction. We recently moved across the country and I have been job hunting and trying to work my own business, helping my daughter settle into her new school, trying to make new friends, explore the area, find doctors etc etc. and it has all been about achieving. Interviewers want to know what you achieved in your last job. Writing a resume is all about listing out your achievements. They ask you what you want to achieve in 5 years. And it was causing me all kinds of stress and feelings of not being enough. Why do all these other women have great jobs and I can't even get an interview type of thinking which is so not where I want to be. When I look at it from how have I evolved I see I have come SO far and I am growing in leaps and bounds. I got my Master's not so I could achieve an important job but so I could become the person I always wanted to be and to share that with others. I have an interview today (yay!) Thank you so much for helping me to shift so I can go to that interview in a positive, eager, excited place rather than an anxious how can I prove myself way.

  6. Dianne says:

    Interesting ,I have been slowly changing some major things in my life and wow is has been great.

  7. Darcy Plunkett says:

    I'm happy to report - I am evolving!

    Thanks Tara!


  8. Dana says:

    Thank you Tara for this reminder. I have evolved so much since working with you and some of those ways are, for one... the way I react to things. I am so much more grounded, calmer. I can now work through situations while having the understanding why I am being triggered then work through it rather then react. I also have found that even just recently things are popping up even more so in my life such as referrals and requests that are in line with my evolution to being that woman I am here to be and how I choose serve the world. I LOVE the difference between evolution and achievement and have come to realize and accept that as I evolve, my life only get's better and if it needs to be a slow process, it's all OK, it's all Perfect, it's "evolution". :)

  9. Carrie Dale says:

    YES! I love this idea of evolving rather than achieving, pushing, forcing. Its a topic that keeps coming around for me. I know that I am evolving because I am having "growing pains." It is no longer acceptable (and I know this because I feel it in my body, my heart, my soul) to be this person that clings to these old, faulty beliefs about myself and life. That doesn't mean I don't have the beliefs, but when I do, I have an immediate reaction in my physical and mental body.
    I am being asked to evolve and let go of self doubt, proving, comparing, judging, over-reacting and living in the shadows. I think we are all being asked to evolve on some level. It is exciting!
    Thanks again Tara for yet another message that is spot on.

  10. Mary says:

    Happy birthday, my dear! Yes, I can see changes in how I respond to situations that would previously have been emotionally charged and difficult for me. Also, I love the comment about improve your vibration and you will attract a different community. We were at dinner a few weeks ago with 3 other couples and half way through the meal I was thinking what integrity and charm the 2 new couples possessed. It was also true that they were both multi-millionaires and I loved the fact that money no longer means lack of ethics to me!

  11. Elana says:

    I own a dessert business and am honing my skills as a decorator. So scary to even practice my sugar art skills - because then that means I really will have to compete with those really talented people. Lots of resistance there! The truth is I can do more than I think I can and give myself credit for. I surprise myself what I can do on the first try! The down side of attending cake competitions and classes (even if I don't enter) is that I started comparing myself to these giants. I know when I am evolving because I compare my work and efforts to my previous attempts and see how far I progress!

  12. Ana Goncalves says:

    Dear Tara,
    Happy Birthday and Thank you for the wonderful video.
    I feel a synchronicity experience right now and that is based on all that you shared about evolving, even up to the point of letting go of people who I no longer connect with and only had ties with them in the past. I feel extremely inspired right now and happy to follow my heart and what it shows me to do each day. This week I have been setting intention for tasks during the day and that has helped immensely as I have acted on them for the first time with love, intention and commitment. I feel that who I am is coming to the forefront and that I am activating what I wish to do in full power and this is serving me well. My awareness is vivid and I notice situations and experiences with greater clarity. I also feel very confident and at ease and ready to experience the next step. I have also been open to receive and allowing all that is to come to manifest, and in that I feel happy to lead a life with truth and love based from my heart, so that I can be of service to the greater picture in a wider way and help others more authentically.
    Thank you and blessings to you and your family my friend
    Ana xx :)

  13. Mary says:

    You are fabulous. Thanks girlfriend.

  14. Kra-Z LaNita says:

    Ha! Evolve, well let me tell you. Last year on Feb. 2, I had surgery on my knee from a car accident. In, March I was back to work. April, I broke up with a boyfriend and moved out to stay with 3 female friends for a few months. I was searching for a house. I met someone new, we spent a lot of time together. By the end of the year we were peas and carrots! And today, I am finally back to searching for that rental property and My Happy New Desire Trip to Spain... Only this time, I seek professionals and entrepreneurial assistance, opportunities keep showing up.

  15. I am recognizing I am evolving because of the people I am attracting into my life. I am attracting more driven and influential people therefore I know I am becoming that as well.

  16. Jisele Tuuri says:

    I have been so driven (by myself and old patterns from my mother) and it is exhausting. I love the idea of evolving which means more playfulness, joy and allowing. Thank you for this message. It is my intention to set some time aside specifically to build/grow my business and make time everyday to play and/or be in nature so that I am more connected to my spiritual side and awareness. Better yet I'm adding more playfulness into and as a part of my business.

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