What Happens When You Step into Your Desires

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I have a personal message I want to share with you today, something really special that’s been happening behind the scenes.

Before I get there, let me talk to you a little bit about desires… (Yes, you know how much I love desires!)

One of the main objections we have as women is that we think we can’t step into our desires until everyone around us is OK and taken care of.  We say, “Oh no… I have my kids, my husband, my job…I can’t live my desires right now!” We put off our desires until everyone else is “OK.”

But guess what? That’s not true. In my experience, when I step into my desire as a woman, I gift the people around me that I LOVE the opportunity to step into their desires too.

So let’s get personal.

One of the things I get asked a lot is “Well, Tara, I know you’re living your desires… But what about your husband Dave? I know you are stepping into your desires, living your life, but what about Dave’s desires?”

So today, I have a surprise guest … and he has something very special to share with you today about his process of stepping into his own desires.

Yes, he’s about to embark on his own incredible journey… and I’m going to let him share with you in this video what that is.

I’ll let Dave tell you from himself how this opened up and came together…and why this is so important for all of us.

I want you to know when you step into your desires as a woman, you don’t stop those you love from stepping into theirs — you inspire them to step into theirs.

Tomorrow we’re having a call on your desires, so I’m going to share with you a specific desires discovery process… what it actually looks like when you step into your desires.

I want you to discover with me how to do this for yourself how to LIVE your desires to the fullest.

Click here to register for the Happy New Desires Training and Q&A Call.

I’m going to be showing you the Desires Road Map… something I’ve never shared before. We will be going beyond desires together on this call and into the discovery process of your desires

I’ll take you behind the scenes on what it looks to step into your desires,  how to manifest them and what happens when fears come up around desires.

Yes,  trust me, you WANT to be on the call… I have even more to share with you than ever before about the Desires Process.

When you allow yourself to step into your desire, when you give yourself permission, you allow others in your life to live THEIR dreams.

What BIG desires are you ready to discover? Share with me today.

FemmeType Insight: This is for your Indie, she is ready to guide you towards your desires .

Your New Yorker will love taking action around this, she has so much energy to move you towards your desires.

Your Frenchie  revels in moving towards your desires.

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15 Responses to What Happens When You Step into Your Desires

  1. Carrie Dale says:

    You guys are so flipping cute!! Congratulations Dave! That sounds like such an amazing experience...life transforming.
    My BIG desires right now;
    To get fluent in French again ( my hubby said he would support my desire to do that, by sending me to France for a month!)
    To really come to terms with this part of me that self sabotages my success and my desire to create and share my gifts as a woman.
    Music...start playing and writing again. (I am a pianist, but my daughter is also now a pianist and monopolizes our piano) Good problem to have, but I need my time on the piano as well.
    Those are just a few!
    Thanks guys! I really appreciate what you do!

  2. Marja West says:

    Thank you, Tara and Dave, for modeling so beautifully Divine Love and the embodiment of the feminine and masculine within both man and woman! Congrats, Dave... Happy Sailing! Loving you both! xoxo

  3. Julie says:

    This is so cool! Congratulations Dave! Your relationship continues to inspire me.

    Looking forward to the live call!

  4. Laurie says:

    Congrats.....stepping out of your comfort zone and into LIFE..
    Have Fun! The process is the JOURNEY!!

  5. Jeannette says:

    Congratulations Dave!!!

    I am seriously in tears of joy! I am always thrilled when Tara shares her desires unfolding but I am just as thrilled for Dave but I think this one touches me in deeper way because it is the two of you, together unleashing the magic of stepping into your own individual desires and the unending support you have for one another. This video has completely transformed my view on relationships and I am so grateful because I literally told myself yesterday that I am ok living my desires alone if I am unable to find a great man who can join me. I knew deep inside I didn't really want that and it's silly to me now that I think about it! I can have my desires and an amazing relationship with an incredible man. Love!!

    Thank you both for being so real. I am looking forward to learning so much more from you two together! I am so grateful that Universe/Spirit has led me to you. I feel so blessed!!

  6. Cyndi says:

    Woot! Dave

  7. Sarah says:

    What a gorgeous couple. What a fantastic adventure and wishing you al the very best for the next step of your lives together!
    Oh, and thnaks for sharing..it inspires me too.
    Kind wish

  8. Dana says:

    I absolutely LOVE this and love you two!! Beautiful!! I love the way you two interact and share with us the way you do, your truth!! Witnessing you both at EFI II was so inspiring and you just keep inspiring me everyday!! Good luck Dave and can't wait to hear about it when you're back!
    Much love!
    <3 Dana

  9. Laura says:

    Yay, Dave!!! Somehow I knew this was coming. I knew that you'd be stepping into something big and I thought it would be around sailing. I'm so happy for you and your family. Those boys of yours have the best role models any child could have and I'm so glad that I can be a witness to all that you and Tara are doing in this world. Much love to you Tara as you support your Dave in this Desire of his! Bon Voyage, Dave!!

    much love,

  10. Pat says:

    You two are so beautiful and true. What a great surprise! Safe and fun travels on your adventure, Dave! Tara, I so want to be on the live call tomorrow yet have another commitment at that time. I will listen to the replay asap when I get home and hope to get infused by your energy then :)

  11. Josephine says:

    CONGRATULATIONS DAVE!!!! So excited for you!!!!!!!! Sending love, Josephine

  12. Ana says:

    So inspiring, so beautiful!
    Congratulations Dave!
    Sending you both so much love, thank you for what you model.

  13. Sheila says:

    Congratulations to you Dave on fulfilling this desire of yours. And for you both demonstrating how partners can continue to grow independently and together (both/and not either/or). Inspiring! Thank you for sharing.
    And Dave...bon voyage! xo

  14. Julie says:

    Congratulations! The more you expand the more you connect with yourselves and each other and us! Thanks for another beautiful point of connection! Julie

  15. Dawn says:

    Thank you Tara and Dave for sharing this amazing experience. My heart is filled with love, inspiration, and gratitude! Dave, I hope you have a safe trip and a trip filled with growth, inspiration, and fulfilment. I can't wait to hear about your adventure!!

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