Those People: Part 2

Did you see the last post I did about “Those People?”

We got into a deep place last week with the concept of “Those people.” So many emotions behind this!

I had no idea how much attention and emotion the last post would have for people so we’re continuing the journey.

Right now I am in Cannes looking over the Mediterranean.  We spent a incredible evening at a Cannes Film Festival after party and fashion show. 

When we got here, I was having a lot of FauxType issues come up. I wondered,”Is this really OK? Is this really Ok to live this way??!”

Yes, in fact, it is.

I want to talk to you about the importance of beginning to align yourself with those people.

It’s not just the monetary aspect. It’s also how people hold themselves, how they carry their energy, how they are able to receive.

How DO you align yourself with yourself with those people? I can give you a tip.

Ask yourself: How could you potentially help those people? How could you assist those people on their journey?

I know you might think those people might have everything, but there’s so many ways you could assist them.

At the end  of this I want you to leave a comment in response to the following questions:

1) Think of who you know that are “Those people.”

2) Think of something you can do to help or show appreciation for those people. Come from a place of love and gratitude when you do this and you’ll be amazed how things begin to shift for you!

Let’s share in the celebration of Those People!



PS: You have to see this view… This is where life is Limitless.


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22 Responses to Those People: Part 2

  1. Jia Ni Teo says:

    Ahhh, I cried watching the video and reading this post. Thank you so much for being one of those people, and living this limitless life and modelling the continuous expansion of beauty, grace, and prosperity. I mean, truly, thank you. You have no idea how much seeing you embody & live this life has allowed me to gift myself the permission to receive more, say yes to my desires, and even allowing myself to start stepping into becoming 'one of those people' with love, joy, and gratitude + thankfulness. I really sense big shifts coming up, some I have been trying to push away because I'm afraid I'll be rejected for being 'that person'. Thank you for paving the path ahead so that I know this is possible for me to still be me and not lose myself - if I choose to be those people. And yes, I choose to be one of those people. :')

    I'm celebrating YOU today and every day!


    • Kate Burkett says:

      Yes Jia! You are becoming one of those people with such grace and beauty. Thank you! I feel the same as you do about Tara ~

      Tara thank you for being one of those people. You being you has already made such a huge shift in the way I perceive abundance. Thank you for living as an example! It is so inspiring and empowering.

      Lots of Love and Peace to you both xox

  2. Emma says:

    Spot on Tara, enjoy the sunshine :)

  3. Lynn Stull says:

    You are so beautiful Tara, inside and out. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life. Love, Lynn

  4. Darcy Plunkett says:

    Great, courageous post, Tara.

    I'd like to point out another perspective. I was one of 'those ppl' growing up (my parents / family), and to be on that side of it can often cause ppl to feel shame about it. That was something I carried for a long time, and dealt with a lot of projection from others about what it must be like to be 'those ppl.' I actually learned the unfortunate habit of putting myself down to make others feel more comfortable, or to show others I was 'just like them.'

    Ironically, I have found that 'those ppl' are really just like everyone else! They have the same insecurities, emotions, issues, and concerns as anyone. Judgment and attacks on 'those ppl', to me, are as dangerous and unfair as racism, or any other kind of generalization ppl make about other groups of ppl.

    I actually have a special place in my heart for the struggles that 'those ppl' face, because I had my own deep struggles, and no one took me seriously, because, after all, I was one of 'those ppl!'

    Thank you for bringing this out of the closet:-)



    • Anita says:

      "Judgment and attacks on ‘those ppl’, to me, are as dangerous and unfair as racism, or any other kind of generalization ppl make about other groups of ppl."
      That is so beautifully said! Thank you.


  5. Tara,
    What you are sharing and embodying is so MAGICAL...
    You are a radiant model of the exquisite transformation and possibility that is waiting for us all who choose it~ and I am!
    THANK YOU for inspiring me to gorgeous new heights of receiving my truth, my essence, my desires.
    You are a shooting STAR and I celebrate you along with Jia!
    Xxo Shakaya

  6. Merci Tara pour tous ce que vous faites! I really admire 'those people' too, and you know it feels fabulous to admit it ;) And you know I haven't had much exposure to them, but I'm setting an intention to increase my sense of receiving so I can attract and be around them more often. The number one thing you have done for me thus far is given me PERMISSION to allow myself my desires, because I am seeing a truly gracious, loving, spiritual, altruistic woman going for hers! It is inspiring and it makes me feel that I can do it too, I can BE it too xoxbisousxox

  7. Shelley says:

    Thanks for the beautiful message and your beautiful self, Tara! Limitless living - so inspiring!

    I'm not sure I know too many of "those people" that we're talking about, but I do know a few and I've found that what I have to offer "those people" is friendship.

    Often "those people" are shunned by the rest of us, or just maybe by-passed in a non-malicious way b/c we don't see these people as "us" we see them as "them". Don't we all want to be part of an "us"?

    In offering friendship, my first step is simply to approach the person (in church or at the playground or soccer game or where ever) as this person is often standing alone/apart from the rest of the group. Then I start to really talk to him/her, ask questions, share info and just really show an interest in them. For me, friendship has either blossomed or not, but either way, it's a warm and fuzzy for my heart to reach out to others. Whether or not this encounter leads to a true friendship or not the reach out is a non-regrettable moment.

    Friendships I have made with "those people" are really enlightening - as they've helped me realize that "those people" are really just regular people also on their way to discovering living without limits. Their lives are not without issues/problems, either, they just seem to realize there are other ways to live.

    I hope I'm on my way to being one of "those people" and I also hope that the gift of friendship continues to be offered to me when I reach "those people" status!

  8. Rose says:

    You're onto something Tara! This is absolutely brilliant.

    I remember when I was overweight and having a really hard time with an eating disorder, and thinking "those people are just naturally skinny, and they have good genes, that's why they're skinny". And I remember being really envious and resentful. Then I started to hang around skinny people who had healthy habits, and that's when my life changed.

    Thank you Tara!

    ~Rose Cole

  9. Cherith says:

    Hi Tara, For me it's never been about feeling separate or different from those who have wealth (or poverty). We are truly all the same, and I sense this without limitation. I have had the good fortunate to mingle and play with people from all walks of life, including those who are exceptionally wealthy. Instead, I hold a candle for those who are joyful in their lives because their work brings them deep satisfaction and monetary success simultaneously, especially if they are an artist. Ahhh! Now that is an energy I truly admire and seek out. So, on that note, I will pause to consider who might exemplify this for me and express some rockin' gratitude! My pleasure!

    Thanks for keeping it real on your ascent. And BTW - I DO recall you all on that boating trip. Yes, it's a pleasure to watch (and feel included) on your family's journey.


  10. Catherine says:

    Tara, LOVE the "Those People" video series of you - you're on to something with that ... Enjoy La Côte, bisous de Genève

  11. Lena says:

    Thanks for sharing this Tara, I loved it! These two videos helped me realize that I do have some issues with "those people". And It's good to feel that I can be one of those people too. Now I'll be grateful that they're showing and modeling what I want for me too.

  12. Dawn Reiner says:

    Dear Tara,
    I am so happy you asked the especially today. Recently I attended a a HAY HOUSE "I Can Do It" I listened to some amazing speakers/authors over two days. While I was sitting there listening to such inspirational people I thought to myself "I want to be one of those people" Then I thought I can be one of them. So I decided to meet some of the speakers that really touched my heart. I bought some books & I met them. When I met them to have the book signed I gave them one of my ZENWANDS.
    Today I was overwhelmed with joy when one of those people posted a beautiful thank you and photo of my gift to him.

    Michael Chase from wrote & posted this on his FACEBOOK WALL of over 29,000 followers.. Michael is a BEST selling Author for Hay House & is on the I Can Do It Tour

    WOW I am so very grateful :)
    This is his post :)

    Sending love and gratitude to Dawn at Zenwand for this beautiful gift! The Zenwand is an awesome addition to anyones spiritual life. Each one is custom made for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, intention, manifestation & other conscious paths to vibrant health, wellness & balance. To learn more please visit their website:

    His name is Michael Chase

    Today I felt like one of those people <3

    Tara I love what you are doing & I love how real you are.


  13. Oh I LOVED this! Life IS limitless!

  14. Thank you for creating a space of "those people." Those people to me tend to be on a spiritual level such as Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen. I have been thinking about writing Ms. Hay a letter. I think I will do that. Thank you.

  15. Fereshta says:

    Dearest Tara,

    I want to thank YOU for representing all that is joyful, pleasurable and amazing in this life! You inspire me daily with your wisdom and your perspective. When I started making my short list of "those people" you were one of the first names I wrote down. Thank you for embodying joy and abundance and allowing me to know, deeply that I can align myself with that universal energy too! I'm so ready to be one of "those people!" :)

    Love, love, love

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