What if I fail? A Simple Mindset Shift to Overcoming Fear of Failure

What if I fail? Have you ever said that to yourself? Have you ever let it stop you?

If you are a women wanting to live your desires then of course you have, we all have at some point.

I am ready to embark on a huge journey and I want to admit I am scared. And even though many of us can tell ourselves “there is no such thing as failure or I always learn from my mistakes blah blah-”we still let this stop us.

This video was created to tell you the secret to not letting the fear of failure stop you-it is a complete shift that you have never heard before and exactly what I do when this voice shows up for me.

Watch the video and learn the real way to handle your fear of failing.

Women make a huge mistake in this category and this 1 tip will allow you to start focusing on what really makes the difference instead of spinning your wheels.

I have something really big to share with you tomorrow, I have been keeping my lips sealed, I can’t wait to share it with you. Keep your eyes on an email from me that says…”Want to Come to Fashion School with me…” oh boy this is a BIGGIE

FemmeType Insight: This video is for your Indie, ?get clear on
what is really going to assist you in moving

Benefits:  Your New Yorker will know where to focus and how to
help you get out of your own way?

Your Frenchie is about to have fun and move into her desires
And her experience

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13 Responses to What if I fail? A Simple Mindset Shift to Overcoming Fear of Failure

  1. Tara Marino says:

    Ooops. It looks like the comments were accidentally turned off on this post. Sorry about that. It's fixed now.

    • Sue-Ellen says:

      Tara, I absolutely love all your emails and videos and this video is no different. I will be finishing a Diploma in Share Trading and Investment at the end of October. I have the intention to start my own business (nothing to do with share trading) and working on an e-book. You have given me the inspiration to open up to my many desires I have had hidden inside me. It is scary and exciting at the same time. I look forward to receiving news of your new adventure at the Paris Fashion School.
      Love and peace,

  2. Cherith says:

    This is perfect! I have just sent my little boy off to kindergarten, moved into our new beautiful apartment near the beach, am 1 month from completing my certification in Health and Wellness as a Coach and Guide, and am shifting my focus and energies into bringing my new business into life. The fear of failure is sure to come up a million times a day. I LOVE that I need only to FEEL the experience of this process, and then suddenly -- it's FUN and EXCITING. A bit edgy too. Like I'm watching myself play in this universe. Thank you for continuing to share these Truth gems. I'm thrilled for your new experience to PARIS as well, and to watch it unfold from here.

    With Joy,

  3. Yvette Battersby says:

    First, I want to congratulate you Tara on following your heart's desire. Now you're entering fashion school within just two years of your migration to Paris. I'm here for you. I understand your fear in anticipation of this new venture, but it all falls into place soon enough.
    I'm already back to business school, and this semester I'm taking my last lower division class, business calculus. This is a tough cookie, so I'm pushing past the fear of math and asking myself, "What if I allowed myself this experience? I get your point, any other approach is negative and only brings up resistance.

  4. Cathy says:

    We all have allowed ourselves for whatever reason, to have that negative thought, "WHAT IF I FAIL". I am 63 years old and have realized this does nothing to help on my journey to what truly is. Thank you for sharing this with me. Feeling the experience (whatever it is) will become the first thought for me to move forward not backward on my journey to what truly IS. YOU ARE A BLESSING TO ALL WHO HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF RECEIVING YOUR E-MAILS. May you be blessed with all you are in need of.

    Love & healing light,

  5. last night, an experience opened up for me that I have been waiting for for most of my adult life: I have an opportunity to work in the hospitality side of an elegant country inn with a renowned chef in the restaurant kitchen. He is known for taking the people he recognizes as to his exacting standard under his wing and allowing them to do their job; he appreciates and recognized and compensates them well. What if I allow myself this experience?

  6. Tara Cridland says:

    It seems completely irrational and totally illogical....I have been a single mom for 4 years without child support, working 3-4 jobs...all in a field i'm passionate about. And i'm exhausted, injured and just not sure if I can physically do it anymore. (massage therapy) I want to allow myself to experience the ability to stay home and just spend time with my kids, study (i'm in school to be a nutrition coach), and teach yoga a couple of days a week. And have money continually flow in just doing that right now.

    I want to build a nutrition and wellness education business and want the time and energy to be able to build this business with gentleness, grace and ease.

  7. Claude Hall says:

    Hi Tara,
    I am now ready to experience being a teacher and a guide to those who want to peel away those layers obstructing their access to their greatness and lead their life by their desires...What if I allowed myself to experience this...wow! That feels like it's full of possibilities!!!
    Thank you!

  8. Vanessa says:

    Thanks so much for these words of wisdom. Fear of failure has prevented me from doing so much in my life to date, but I really hope that this simple shift in mindset will help going forward!! I am going to allow myself the experience of starting my own business selling natural bath & body products and delicious bath treats that look good enough to eat - to help women everywhere embrace their sensuality and take that much needed time out for themselves!

  9. Claire says:

    I found myself drawn back to listen to this again today - thank you. Experiences, there are so many to behold!! x
    I called on this when I began writing again recently - it felt so beautiful as I sat and just let my fiction flow. Something I had blocked for such a long time and the shift from this video really assisted me. Today, I find myself listening to this again as I put the final pieces in place of my last coaching accreditation assignment. I want to allow myself the experience of continuing my learning from this intensive coursework xx

  10. Mg777 says:

    What if I allow myself to experience of opening this new project(company) that would be totally different than any other on the same journey. I have decided to go the experience it does not matter the outcome.
    Ready or Not, here I come!!!!!!

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  12. Justiss says:

    Hi Tara
    I found you through researching Fabienne Fredrickson and wanted to find out about what Femme Styles was all about. Such an interesting perspective on negotiating our way through womanhood. This video has really resonated with me. I watched your skinny video and I had to say I was taken aback by it. It seemed to me at the time that someone skinny was telling me (someone not) to let myself be skinny. Hahaha. There was some snickering I must say. But then I watched this video and I think maybe it's all about failure for me right now.
    I lost 70lbs on my own. I'm super proud of that. But I've plataeud and I think one of the reasons I've sort of stopped with another big goal to get to - is that there is a fear that I won't be as successful as I was before. My 70lb weightloss had to do with an illness which led me to change my eating habits. With surgery I was able to correct the issue and while I haven't fallen back into my normal pattern - I haven't given it up completely.

    I think my fear is holding me back and creating more anxiety as I embark on networking in a new area for my business which is crafting gorgeous portraits of women. I'm lost on blogging topics, and I fear judgement because of my current body image issue. How can I represent and blog about something that I myself have issues with.

    Ultimately what I feel that I need to do is to "experience" the fear and focus on what the outcome is going to look like - and experience failure as an experience not a block. And change my attitude. I've already judged myself for a new group of people, even though so far everyone has been genuine and loving.

    Thanks for this video, it was what I needed to hear.

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